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  • Flexibility, Accessibility, and Ergonomics in the Open Office Space

    Flexible work scheduling, telework, virtual work, and the high cost of office space are some of the drivers of the 21st century workspace. This open, flexible, adaptable, and casual space must still serve not only the technological needs of its users, but also the accessibility needs of a diverse population. This course examines the technical requirements for providing accessibility, universal design, and ergonomics in an open office space and looks at a variety of solutions in the functional areas of the office: open office areas, the workspace, and collaboration areas.

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  • Outdoor Power & Commercial Facilities in a Post-Pandemic World

    Power in unexpected places will be more necessary than ever—indoors and outdoors—when we return to the “new normal.” People will continue to socially distance, and traditional commercial spaces will require flexibility in their new configurations. As a result, outdoor spaces will become more pulled into everyday use for the entire facility. Options for weather safe, code compliant outdoor power are important for every commercial space as we head back with new regulations and priorities. Learn how outdoor spaces can be leveraged in a post-pandemic world, and explore the solutions that help bring power right to where it's needed.

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    • Date: Oct 22, 2020
      Time: 12:00 PM
      State: CT
      Location: AEC Building Insight: LACES - Legrand
      Contact: Sabrina Snyder
  • Creating Productive, Connected Outdoor Spaces with Access to Permanent Power

    As the popularity of outdoor activities grows, so does the demand for outdoor spaces that include permanent access to power, data, communications, and audio visual (A/V) services. Educational campuses, commercial offices, amusement parks, sporting venues, retail environments that use outdoor mobile kiosks, and hospitality facilities have a need for safe, convenient, permanent power access outdoors. Property owners are responsible for integrating people, places, and processes, including the electrical needs for their own commercial venues. Increased outdoor space utilization means access to permanent power outdoors is becoming a vital building service, similar to lighting, life-safety systems, and ventilation, etc. Outdoor power products are designed to deliver permanent connections to outdoor spaces in a safe, non-disruptive way. The next section of this course takes a look at how their installation and use can transform spaces where people work, live, and play.

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  • How to Read Product Environmental Profiles: Understanding the Value of EPD's

    The expectation for better products, better systems, and better buildings has created demand for reliable disclosure methods for the health and environmental impacts of building materials. This course will explore the product transparency movement in terms of environmental product declarations, in particular the product environmental profile (PEP). An overview of how a PEP is created, the basic terms used in a PEP, and a part by part review of a sample PEP are presented.

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  • Solutions for Meeting Health and Safety Requirements in Food Processing Plants

    Many food and beverage processing facilities are concerned with bacterial growth that can trigger an outbreak. With increasing regulations like FSMA, it’s important for every plant to look for ways to be proactive in the management of equipment and processes. By identifying how to counteract bacterial growth, processing plants can defend themselves against deadly and costly recalls. An important area that is often overlooked are the electrical systems and devices present in food processing plants. There are a range of cost-effective and easy to implement plant safety solutions that can prevent contamination from these systems.

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  • Power and Charging Solutions for Today’s Commercial Spaces

    Power and charging needs in hotels, offices, and lobbies have changed due to emerging trends in how people use their electronic devices. Modern users require more and better access to charging. This need combined with the rise of the USB-Type C Standard, new furniture-based power technology, and the challenges of open space design requires designers to apply a new strategy for power/charging outlets. This course discusses how to employ furniture power distribution units (FPDUs) to meet the needs of users, hotel operators, and facility managers.

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  • The Art of Residential Lighting

    A comprehensive lighting plan is critical to the success of any residential design project. Proper lighting is effective and efficient and contributes to the comfort and functionality of the home. This course explores lighting concepts, sources, and controls. It discusses using layers of light to achieve design goals, and how to incorporate energy efficiency into lighting designs.

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  • Open Space Electrical and Digital Infrastructure

    The commercial space design trend toward open plans has had a major impact on interior electrical and digital infrastructure. Offices, hotels, retail spaces, and transit areas all utilize open spaces, each with their own specific issues and requirements. This course provides designers with the information required to provide code-compliant, user-friendly, and convenient power, data/communication, and AV access for a wide variety of open spaces and end users, including facility managers, cleaning staff, and visitors.

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  • Smart Hotels; The Future Is Now

    This course will cover knowing the definition of a smart hotel and why it matters for hotels and their guests and provide an understanding of how smart hotels will change the way hotels are managed and designed. Learn what leading technology is going to be a part of the smart hotel revolution and how to take the steps needed to get started with smart hotel technology for your property.

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  • Designing Delightful Environments For Connected Guests

    This course explores the landscape of connected travel, identifies power-based trends in the hospitality marketplace, and introduces industry leading solutions that deliver unparalleled performance and aesthetic benefits. Travelers today are more connected than ever before, creating an ultra-connected landscape from book to ordering transportation to check-in. Many hospitality brands are focusing on ensuring their properties bring exacting travelers the experiences and features that matter most. They are also capitalizing on routine renovation cycles to incorporate modernized features and enhancements. These moments in time create exciting opportunities for the integration of power and tech solutions that will surprise and delight guests.

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